Millennials Are Starting to Take Over Social Media

Millennials Are Starting to Take Over Social Media

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Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are the generation marked by digital fluency, social consciousness, and diverse perspectives. The millennial generation is well known for its technological prowess, and they are often credited for ushering in the era of smartphones. This means that young adults are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. And because they spend so much time on their phones, they are using those devices to consume video. Over social media platforms, millennials watch up to 22 hours of videos per day. What’s even more interesting about this statistic is that it doesn’t include the amount of time spent watching live streams and gaming online.


Millennials Are Starting to Take Over Social Media


How Networks Adapt to Millennials

Social media networks regularly update their features to attract new users. The most recent feature change was Instagram’s introduction of animated stickers last year. These stickers help users express themselves through images and add a fun element to their posts. They also allow users to create quick memes which can be shared with friends or posted onto someone else’s profile.

Recent Changes Affected by Millenial Trends

Instagram has been experimenting with other types of content as well. For example, there have been rumors of Snapchat-like stories being added to the platform. Recently, Facebook announced that it was investing $16 billion into WhatsApp to further integrate Messenger messaging into its main app. In addition to these updates, some companies like Spotify have started creating original content. By offering exclusive music videos and playlists, people who use Spotify are able to stay updated with what’s happening in the world of pop culture without having to visit YouTube.

Taking All Social Media Platforms Seriously

While Snapchat may seem like the millennial favorite, there isn’t any one social media network that millennials prefer over others. According to Pew Research Center, millennials use all major social media sites, including Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. The only exception to this rule is Instagram, where 58% of 18–29 year olds do not use the service. While older generations tend to stick with certain networks, millennials want to enjoy all the benefits that each network offers. As a result, they will continue to move between different networks to find the best fit for them.

How They Attract Millenials to Their Site

Looking into social media statistics shows us why these sites are popular among millennials. According to Statista, nearly half (48%) of American teens go online every single day. When compared to other demographics, this number is significantly higher. Looking at the same report, we found that 65% of Generation X goes online daily, while only 47% of baby boomers use social media daily. Therefore, according to Pew Research data, millennials make up 23% of the total population. However, if you look closely, this percentage does not mean that millennials outnumber GenX and Baby Boomers. Instead, it

 A Scale of Interaction

Millennials are active consumers of almost every type of media. Compared to previous generations, millennials have grown accustomed to consuming content wherever they are. Because of this, they expect to receive information from sources that are convenient for them. To keep up with this expectation, businesses need to develop apps and websites that incorporate multimedia elements. It is no longer acceptable to just provide text and images when communicating information.

Cornering the Market on Social Media

According to the World Economic Forum, millennials spend more time using social media than any other generation before them. This is evident because of the amount of money that brands allocate toward social media marketing. More specifically, millennials now account for 51% of the spending on paid advertising on Facebook alone. On top of social media ads, marketers are increasingly trying to make sure that they take advantage of all social platforms. They are doing so by adding features such as live streams, video, gaming, and interactive quizzes.


In Conclusion

There is no denying that millennials are changing how we do things. With them comes an influx of technology that allows anyone to share information quickly and easily. No matter what you’re looking for, there is likely a platform out there that will meet your needs. Take online casinos for example, that are developed in their thousands to meet various gambler and consumer needs. All in all, it’s important to always remember that everyone is different, and there isn’t one perfect way to manage your life. Instead, find what works best for you and adjust accordingly.